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Domaines Rollan de By


The winery with its 180ha vineyard and nine estates is located in the northern part of Medoc. Since 1989, Jean Gijon known as the “haute couture” creator in wine business, began his dream eventhough he had previously followed his father’s steps as a seller of antiques and an interior designer. With 5,670 solar panels installed in 2009, he has become the pioneer of a new generation of organic wine making. He approaches each vineyard and production with the most serious precision. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are grape varieties that are most frequently planted in these vineyards.

Château Greysac was founded in 1700, but it is experiencing its modernization in 1975 when it belongs to the Agnelli family that has restored the production area, cellars and some vineyards. Since 2012 Domaines Rolland de By is considered one of the best estates in the entire Bordeaux.

Château Rollan de By is a relatively young estate that Jean Gijon purchased in 1989 and increased its production 20 times.

Château Haut Condissas, named after the street in which it is located, becomes part of the Domaines Rollan de By in 1995 and produces about 6,000 cases of wine per year. It is also known as the winery that produces Kosher Cuvee.